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  • healthy skin eating fruits
    Fruitilicious Beauty
    Posted in: Wellness

    The Magic of Fruits for Good Skin Did you know that fruits could be the beauty secret of your luscious skin? Radiant skin needs nourishment from the inside, and fruits are a great way for you to eat your way out to a beautiful skin. Below we listed 10 fruits with vital nutrients for the […]

  • Identifying Skin Rashes
    No More Embarrassing Skin Rashes
    Posted in: Beauty

    Skin rashes can be caused by a variety of factors such as infections, heat allergies, immune system disorders and medications.  Skin rashes may cause discomfort or pain, as well as embarrassment. Some skin rashes, such as heat rash and swimmer’s itch, clear by themselves, but others may need medical help. Here are some common skin […]

  • food-for-healthy-skin
    Juicing Recipes for Healthy Skin
    Posted in: Wellness

    It’s juicing time! You know why? Because juicing is a great way to boost the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Juices are a delicious treat and the right recipes can perfectly conceal the unwanted taste of the vegetables that you don’t like, thus enriching your diet with the nutrients that you would otherwise be […]

  • solutions for skin
    Types Of Treament For Skin Pigmentation
    Posted in: Beauty, Skin Care Tips

    Suffering from patchy skin or uneven skin tone? Well, you are not alone! Skin pigmentation is a problem affecting people regardless of race or age.  Skin pigmentation disorders affect the color of your skin. Skin cells make a substance called melanin that gives color to the skin, hair, and iris. Levels of melanin depend on […]

  • stop anti aging with natural herbs
    3 Magic Herbs for Healthy Skin
    Posted in: Beauty, Skin Care Tips

    Ever wondered how much money you have spent on expensive synthetic beauty products? If you want a healthy skin then please give your wallet a break, because it’s time to switch to a green budget option – Herbs. Herbs have been the key to gorgeous, healthy skin since the ancient times, and their magical abilities […]

  • makeup for Autoimmune Skin Disorders
    Autoimmune Skin Disorders
    Posted in: Beauty, Skin Care Tips

    Various Types Of Skin Disorders The immune system in our bodies defends the body from germs and other foreign invaders and tells the difference between self and foreigner. An error can make the body incapable to tell the difference between the two, in which case the body fails to do its job of keeping the […]

  • oily skin make up
    Make Up For Oily Skin
    Posted in: Beauty

    Too worried that you oily skin will spoil your make up? Worry not because following some simple tips will let you perfectly wear make up and maintain it all day. But before that, it is important that you to know your skin type to understand your skin better. So, why is oily skin oily? When […]

  • Foundation for Brown Skin Tones
    Make Up For Brown Skin
    Posted in: Beauty

    Brown Skin Tone Is Beautiful The days are gone when advertisement companies used to choose only fair models. If done in proper way, makeup flatters dark skin more than fair. Fair-skinned women usually need to be careful when putting on makeup to avoid looking over flashy. Women who are darker can get away with bolder […]

  • miracle skin makeup
    Tips For Dry Skin
    Posted in: Beauty

    Make Up for Dry Skin in 5 Steps You got a dry skin and you want your makeup to do what you want it to do? Just follow these five steps! 1: Moisturize Use a facial product made for dry skin to wash your face, and then moisturize a few minutes before applying foundation. Slathering […]

  • best skin care regime
    Skin Care Regimen
    Posted in: Beauty, Skin Care Tips

    Good Skin Care Regimen for Healthy Face Skin Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing – who doesn’t know this basic face care routine? But to make the best out of your beautiful face it is important for you to know more than just the basics. Face is the focus of attention when it comes to beauty and attractiveness. […]

  • how to cover up acne with makeup
    Goodbye Acne, Hello Makeup – Make up that is good for acne!
    Posted in: Acne, Beauty

    Adult acne can put a real damper on your life. Skin problems bother almost everyone while growing up, but some unfortunately never outgrow it. Adult acne is caused by sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. Sebum clogs pores, which acts as a magnet for bacteria and can become inflamed. For women, […]

  • facial make up
    Makeup That is Good for Your Skin
    Posted in: Beauty

    When you make your face up in the morning, you aspire to improve your appearance. Ever realized how that seemingly harmless, layer of powder is really affecting your skin? Usually, makeup doesn’t have any big negative effects. However, it could cause a few skin reactions if you do not have good knowledge about the makeup that is […]

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