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  • how to get rid of sun spots
    How To Get Rid Of Sun Spots
    Posted in: Beauty

    If you are worried that your last visit to the beach gave you sunspots, very wrong you are! Because sun spots do not come in a day, it takes years of prolonged exposure to the sun for them to show up. These dark unwanted spots occur on our skin’s surface when our skin produces more […]

  • great skin
    5 Steps to Glowing Radiant Skin
    Posted in: Beauty, Skin Care Tips

    We all want to have glowing radiant skin – a skin that is free from blemishes, acne, dark patches and wrinkles. However, such flawless skin cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time, dedication and some proper skin care techniques to get such a luminous glow on our face and body. Here are 5 easy steps […]

  • heatResist_model_image4
    Tips for Adding Volume and Thickness
    Posted in: Beauty

    15 Pro Tips for Adding Volume and Thickness to Fine, Thin Hair Skinny is great for jeans, pasta and Margaritas. But for your hair? Not so much. After all, if Rapunzel had fine, thin hair, her hottie prince could never have worked his way up the tower to her rescue. But the reality is, fine […]

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