How To Get Rid Of Sun Spots

how to get rid of sun spots

If you are worried that your last visit to the beach gave you sunspots, very wrong you are! Because sun spots do not come in a day, it takes years of prolonged exposure to the sun for them to show up. These dark unwanted spots occur on our skin’s surface when our skin produces more melanin to protect itself from the sun’s harmful rays. Thus, repeated exposures to the sun leads to formation of melanin clusters resulting hyperpigmentation and sunspots. Once sun spots show up, they are very hard to get rid of. To free yourself from these stubborn unwanted guests, all you need a lot of patience and some tips and tricks that we are going to tell you now.

1. Sunblock Creams

You must have heard how important it is to use sunblock creams daily. Indeed, it is your first step towards fighting sunspots. Exposure to UV rays further increases the color differences between the dark patches of sunspots and the pale skin around it. Use a sunblock cream with at least SPF 15 to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. It will not only help your skin to heal naturally but also prevent further damages.

2. Hats, Umbrellas and Sun-Glasses- Get Fashionable!

Once you got sunspots, try to avoid the sun as much as possible before the spots completely heal. And if you have to get out in the sun, get out fashionably! Yes you got it, use hats, stylish bright umbrellas and those trendy shades of yours to keep away skin from direct contact with the sun. This will facilitate natural healing, lightening the dark areas on the skin to restore your even complexion.

3. The Lemon Treatment

Lemon is one of the most effective remedies for hyper pigmentation. Lemon juice has the ability to lighten skin, which helps to even out the skin tone. Citric acid in lemon washes away dead skin, and facilitates growth of new skin cells. This helps the damaged skin cells to wear out and the dark areas are naturally replaced with new glowing skin. Squeeze a lemon to extract the juice, store the juice in the refrigerator and apply in topically on skin several times a day. Remember not to go out in the sun during the lemon treatment. If you have to go out in the sun, use sunblocks, umbrellas and sunglasses as advised before.

4. Yogurt Face Pack

Dairy products like milk, butter milk and yogurt contains lactic acid. While harmful rays of the sun makes the skin dull and dry, lactic acid helps improving skin’s texture by restoring the hydration balance of the skin. Take out cold yogurt from the refrigerator, you may want to add a few drops of lemon juice in it o create the perfect anti-sunspots face pack. Gently apply it on skin and leave it to dry. Wear the yogurt mask for maximum 20 minutes and wash it off. It will help to diminish the sunspots on your lovely skin. You might be allergic to lactic acid and if you have acnes your skin may irritate. In such circumstances, immediately wash off the face pack.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel can bleach the skin to even out skin tone. It has amazing healing abilities. You can get Aloe Vera gel products from the market if you think it’s a hassle to extract it yourself, but we recommend you to give a little effort to extract fresh gel from Aloe Vera leaves because it’s worth it! You may want to add castor oil with fresh aloe vera gel to make it more effective. Apply the gel on skin, leave it to dry and wash it off. Aloe Vera acts as a protective shield to maintain the moisture balance of the skin and when the skin is properly hydrated, it heals very fast.

6. Onion and Garlic Treatment

The acid in Onion and Garlic will help to peel your damaged skin and facilitate growth of new skin cells in the affected areas. This will eventually diminish sunspots. Apply onion juice and garlic clove to you sunspots and rub these areas with your homemade onion-garlic medication. Gentle massage with onion and garlic is very effective in exfoliating the skin. After a 3-5 minutes massage, wash your face with cold water. Make sure you do this only once a day. This is perhaps, the most inexpensive way of getting rid of sunspots.

7. Vitamin E Capsule

UV ray causes our body to produce free radicals. Free radicals have uneven number for electrons and so they steal electron from our healthy skin. They cause a chain reaction which keeps on damaging our skin and it often goes beyond control. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes these free radicals to protect and repair our skin. Break Vitamin E capsules to get access to the powder inside it. Dab it on sunspots with the help of a cotton dab. The powerful antioxidants in the powder will immediately start working on your damaged skin and help fading the sunspots.
Sometimes the damage from sun is so extensive that you might want professional help to fix it. Chemical Peeling, Laser Resurfacing and Microdermabrasion are some professional dermatological treatment, but they are very expensive and they have many side effects. Sunspots take time to vanish, so be very patient. These Seven Tips are proven to be effective and they are very likely to lessen your sunspot-worries within six months.

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Hello My name is Yvonne and I provide tips and information on beauty, wellness and fitness. Please sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can always look your best.