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Tea and Skin Care

amazing skin by drinking green teaIs tea good for your skin? Have you ever experienced the pleasures of tea consumption leading to improved skin texture? Does it help to clear out acne and pimples? It`s high time that you get the answers to the mind-boggling questions. The all time mystery box has finally disclosed its secrets! The four main types of tea which include green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea has proven to create wonders on the skin. Let`s see the skin benefits of tea and how it helps to provide us with an ever glowing skin.

Green tea is made with steamed leaves and has a high concentration of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Its popularity surpasses all the other types of tea. Ages back it was just consumed by Chinese people as a source of their relaxation. At present it is applied on the face as a topical face mask due to its various discovered benefits. It helps to reduce black heads, protect against skin damage from the sun, produces a balance of oil and prevents wrinkles. All of these can be achieved in any forms and it can range from drinking green tea, taking pills containing green tea or by applying Green tea cream on your skin. Therefore, the benefits of Green tea are endless and uncountable.

Black tea is one of the highly consumed tea. Although more attention has been given to green tea lately, black tea has not fallen back in comparison. It is made of fermented tea leaves and has the highest caffeine content and can be categorized in flavored teas like chai and some instant teas. Drinking black tea can kill oral viruses and help to avoid skin infections. Placing moist tea bags under the eye helps to reduce puffiness and is extremely beneficial for the skin. Infact you can also be blemish free with black tea. If you are suffering from pimples on your skin relax with a cup or two of black tea a day!

Next is white tea. The first thought to cross my mind on hearing of this type of tea was – What on Earth is white tea?  It seems like we have never heard of it. Something which exists like the nonexistent, how can it even aid in skin protection? Nevertheless, white tea has proven to be a universal wonderer for skin. Its origin dates back to the ancient Chinese civilization. White tea is unfermented and not cured.  Its benefits are unparalleled and to such an extent that it outweighs green tea at certain aspects. It also bolsters the skin`s defenses against skin damage, pigmentation and wrinkling.

Last but not the least is Oolong tea. The unusual name of this tea attracts the attention of the people in the first place.  Both China and Taiwan produce exquisite oolongs. It resembles green tea in its appearance.  It helps to promote better skin by cleansing harmful toxins from the body which will aid in providing a skin which is clear and pimple free.

Indeed tea has skin benefits as well as miraculous affect in providing good skin. So whenever this question arises in your mind ‘Is tea good for your skin’, just think about all the positives, try them out and you are sure to have the skin of your dreams.

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Hello My name is Yvonne and I provide tips and information on beauty, wellness and fitness. Please sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can always look your best.