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Foundation for Brown Skin Tones

Brown Skin Tone Is Beautiful

brown skin tonerThe days are gone when advertisement companies used to choose only fair models. If done in proper way, makeup flatters dark skin more than fair. Fair-skinned women usually need to be careful when putting on makeup to avoid looking over flashy. Women who are darker can get away with bolder makeup colors. The biggest advantage of having dark skin is that you will be less prone to acne, pimples and blackheads. It is necessary to have healthy skin irrespective of skin tone.

Keep reading to find out the best ways you can set off your dark complexion.

Liquid Foundation

Women with dark complexions often have problems with uneven skin tone or pigmentation issues. A good foundation will help. After cleansing and toning it is very important to have a good base before starting make up. If you can’t find a perfectly matching one, blend two foundation shades together to get your desired color. Prefer water based foundation over any other as brown skin is rather oilier. Best way to use is to mix distilled water in it and blend it in skin otherwise foundation streaks may appear after sometime Avoid honey based make up products as they add a yellowish tint to your skin.

After moisturizing your skin, apply the foundation using a flat-top brush or sponge.

Powdering is Must

Since brown skin tends to get oily, it is imperative you use powder. After you have applied your foundation, sweep some translucent powder on your skin with a large brush. Carry powder in your purse so you can touch up your makeup during the day.

Blush some more:

Blush is always nice to wear on special occasions. Coral, deep orange and wine blush colors typically look the best on brown complexions. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush. If your blush is not easily visible on your skin, apply a crème blush under to increase concentration. Try to avoid shades like brown. For a very dark skin tone, prefer dark rose for the day and shades such as plum, wine and bronze shades for evening. For evening party, shimmers with gold tone can work wonders for darker brown complexions.

Avoid pale, nude or frosty lips

Pale, frosty lip colors look too bright, sometimes white and pasty and mostly unflattering on dark skin tones. Lilac and nude lip colors tend to attract attention towards lips much more than needed and may make them look bulbous. Prefer lip colors with a matte finish. Orange shades are a strict ‘NO’. Opt for shades like burgundy, wine, brown, red and plum. Go for berry shades, plums, and burgundy: all shades of browns look grand with brown skin. Beiges, gold and soft pink, coffees, mahoganies, chocolates also work brilliantly.
Add a clear lip gloss on top to make your lips look extra shiny.

Go all out with shadow

It is very important to highlight eyes; it makes you look more beautiful and expressive. In contrast to fair-skinned women, brown women can get away with wearing a variety of different eye shadow colors. When you are at work or school, go for a gold eye shadow for your lids. At night, make a statement with blue, green, purple and even copper shadows. Dark metallic colors can also be used. It is safer to avoid eyeliner and use a lot of mascara instead. Eyeliner if not properly applied can make you look sick and awful.

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Hello My name is Yvonne and I provide tips and information on beauty, wellness and fitness. Please sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can always look your best.