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Make Up for Dry Skin in 5 Steps

Best Moisturizer for Dry SkinYou got a dry skin and you want your makeup to do what you want it to do? Just follow these five steps!

1: Moisturize

Use a facial product made for dry skin to wash your face, and then moisturize a few minutes before applying foundation. Slathering on a layer of makeup primer is also recommended, which adds a shielding barrier while eliminating dry patches and letting the makeup you’ll apply next to stay put nicely. Use an eye cream to prevent eye wrinkles from showing.

2: Creamy Foundation

Creamy foundations and concealers work best on dry skin. Make sure each cosmetic product you use is room temperature before applying foundation and other cosmetics. There are also high-definition foundations that are awfully light, yet can provide maximum coverage to give you flawless, blemish free complexion.

Use a brush rather than your fingertips to apply concealer. You should have two different applicators for your concealer and foundation.

3: Creamy Blush and Eye Shadow

Powdery makeup will encrust dry skin and draw attention to lines and wrinkles. Go for creamy cheek and eye colors to complement your satiny cosmetic foundation. Highlight your cheekbones by applying shimmering pale pink, gold or bronze blush, but keep metallic tints away from your eyes.

Resist the temptation to use your fingertips to put on blush and eye shadow. Go with a blush brush and eye shadow brushes to smooth on creams without roughing up your delicate skin.

4: Finish and Set

Finish and set makeup by lightly dusting loose powder with a fat cosmetic brush before you start on mascara and brow liner. There are varieties of sheer, translucent finishing powders and some are even hydrating – a bonus for dry skin. Use high definition-quality finishing powders that are ultra fine powders designed to give you a picture perfect radiance.

5: Liquid Eyeliner

Beauty experts recommend liquid eyeliner for those with dry skin because eye pencils or powders can easily dry out and make fine lines or wrinkles stand out moe. Applying liquid eyeliner can accentuate your eyes themselves and shift attention away from any wrinkles or flaws near the delicate skin around eyes.

The rule of thumb for mascara is to replace it every three months because it can start clumping. Be careful with using waterproof mascara because some of these formulas can dry your lashes out. One light coat is usually all that is required.

Save your skin by removing mascara before you go to sleep. Some people use specially formulated eye makeup removers, and others use mineral or olive oil. Close your eyes, dab a few drops on a cotton ball, and swipe it across your lids and lashes. Proceed with your nightly facial cleansing routine.

Tip: Be sure to remove make up before sleeping. There is nothing worse than an unwashed face for the skin. Makeup, however mild it claims to be, is usually not meant to be on your face for more than a few hours. Remove makeup and wash your face with a mild moisturizing facial cleanser. Hydrate it further, with a light, night cream.

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Hello My name is Yvonne and I provide tips and information on beauty, wellness and fitness. Please sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can always look your best.