Vitamin Supplements for Skin

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Health Investment or Money Waster?

vitamins for your skinDo you need Vitamin Supplements for skin? Do they actually work? There are a number of controversies about vitamin supplements that make people wonder if vitamin supplements are any good for the money spent on it. Read on to find out if you are one of those who needs that extra dose of nutrition from vitamin pills.

 What are Vitamin Supplements?

Dietary supplement is defined as a product that:
•Provides a supplement for the food you eat;
•contains dietary ingredients like vitamins; minerals; herbs or other botanicals; amino acids, etc.
•comes in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form; and
•Labelled as a dietary supplement.

There are a variety of dietary, or nutritional, supplements. Vitamin supplements have micronutrients intended to help a healthy body function well.

 Prime Health benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamins serve different purposes and benefit the body in unique ways. For example, vitamin A helps vision and bone growth, whereas vitamin E supports the immune system and helps repair DNA. Vitamin and mineral deficiency can weaken the body’s ability to heal and protect itself.
Taking vitamins does not make up for a poor diet, and vitamins are not a sufficient substitute for nutrients from natural fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

However, a general multivitamin and mineral supplement can be a good safety measure against episodic vitamin shortfalls in your diet.

 Who are the beneficiaries of vitamin and mineral supplements?

In general, children and adults would profit from taking a pill per day. A multivitamin helps provide a constant source of essential vitamins. However, the very first consideration is to eat a healthy diet. Even the best supplement is no substitute for good nutrition. Often, people tend to consume foods that are high in calories, but lack nutrients that are vital for good health.

Some groups of people, because of distinctive nutritional needs, are prime beneficiaries of taking vitamin and mineral supplements:
•Women of childbearing age
•Pregnant or lactating women
•Children and teenagers with irregular eating habits
•Seniors (Elderly people do not automatically need to take supplements.

The following reasons may mean supplements are required:
-problems eating due to loss of appetite
-dental difficulties
-problems with swallowing or digestion
-being housebound.

People who require to take vitamin supplements because of their lifestyles are listed below:
•Vegetarians or vegans
•Dieters or people avoiding certain food groups (may be deficient in key nutrients)
•People with eating disorders or medical conditions
•People who often eat processed and fast food
•People who are doing intense training for sport. (For nutrition and training purposes, you only need to take the most basic and inexpensive multivitamin as a precaution.)

 Potential Dangers

Many vitamin/dietary supplements are proven to be hazardous.

Just because a product is out in the market does not mean it is safe. Research your supplements carefully on the following points:
1.Safety and efficiency

A further reason to avoid huge doses of vitamins is that they can have poisonous effects. We do need vitamins, but more is not essentially better.
This is especially true with the fat-soluble vitamins that will be stored in the liver, for instance vitamin A. They can gradually reach toxic levels and cause liver damage.Even the water-soluble vitamin C can cause diarrhoea at high levels of upto 2000mg a day.

So, if your health condition actually demands for vitamin supplements, these pills can be a good health investment. But if you do not really need vitamin supplements – please don’t bother wasting you money on them. Always consult a doctor to avoid potential dangers that might harm your health and your lovely skin. Remember, if you are recommended to have vitamin supplements it does not mean you should replace fruits and vegetables in your diet with them.

Eat healthy, live healthy, and be beautiful!




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Hello My name is Yvonne and I provide tips and information on beauty, wellness and fitness. Please sign up for our newsletter and find out how you can always look your best.